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Betweenof the total deposits, the percentage held by the exchange banks fell from 29 to 17, that held by the Imperial Bank declined from 31 to 24 while that held by Indian joint-stock banks increased from 40 to As a result of this phenomenal expansion of deposits betweenthe percentage of the paid-up capital and reserves to Bank deposits declined from This unfavorable factor was neutralized only in part by the higher percentage of liquid assets which banks were forced to keep on account of war conditions.

Some banks even increased their capital with the sanction of the Government. As easy money conditions prevailed throughout the war, only a small number of banks, not more than a dozen in any year, needed financial accommodation from the Reserve Bank.

Banks earned enormous profits and some of them had even to pay Excess profits Tax. Although the progress of banking was rapid and substantial during the war, it was not free from defects. New as well as old banks experienced considerable shortage of trained employees. Untrained and sometimes incompetent men were indiscriminately appointed to fill the highest offices requiring technical knowledge and long banking experience.

Accordingly, the management of many banks was neither strong nor independent. The most serious defect, however, was the indiscriminate opening of branches in areas already well served. There was unhealthy and wasteful competition among too many banking offices in some parts and centres while other parts of the country remained totally neglected. Other defects were the acquisition of the control of non-banking companies, interlocking of banks and other concerns, undesirable manipulation of accounts and utilisation of profits for paying dividends instead of building reserves.

There was a large divergence between authorised and subscribed capital on the one hand and subscribed and paid-up capital on the other. This indiscriminate and uncontrolled expansion was bound to create trouble and, betweenas many as banks with a paid-up capital of Rs.

Besides paralyzing many small depositors, these large failures adversely affected the confidence of the people in the banking system. The Partition of the country in gave a further jolt to the banking system of the country. Bank advances declined on account of communal disturbances in several parts of the country. Banks, having their head offices and branches in West Punjab, were hit hard for they could not transfer their assets to the Indian Union.

At such a time, the Reserve Bank came to their rescue by making advances against any security which it thought proper. The Government also made rupees one crore available for rehabilitating these uprooted banks. The Post-Independence period marks the beginning of a new era in the history of Indian commercial banking.

What could not be achieved in the first fifty years of the twentieth century, was achieved in a span of less than 20 years. Prior to the Independence, the growth and development of Indian banking was both unplanned and uncontrolled as a result of which many banks failed bringing lakhs of depositors to grief.

With a view to avoiding such recurrences in the further and to putting the banking legislation was adopted in the year The Banking Regulation Help with writing paper,vested the Reserve Bank with sweeping powers to control, regulate, supervise and direct the banking system of the country. The same year, the Reserve Bank passed into public ownership to discharge its duties more efficiently and effectively in the context of economic planning in the country.

All these developments, taken together, brought about major changes in the nature, structure, and functioning of joint stock banks in the country. The number of banks came down from in to at the end ofof which 73 were scheduled and 27 non-scheduled banks. This change came about as part of the overall strengthening of the banking system. Through the licensing policy, the weak and sickly banks were either weeded out or amalgamated with stronger ones. While the number of banks thus went down, the number of banking offices, by contrast, shot up from in to in Even here, the overall trend was towards a strengthening of the essay for me discount code of the banking industry in as much as the number of offices of scheduled banks increased from to while those of the non-scheduled banks actually declined from in to a mere in Significantly, the population covered per banking office came down from 87, in to little over 73, in What is more, banking facilities were expanded in smaller towns and villages.

Incentres with population of less than 10, had banking facilities while the number of offices at places, with population ranging from 10, to 50, rose to From the operational point of view, joint-stock banks made remarkable progress in attracting more and more deposits and advancing more loans. Scheduled Banks deposits increased from Rs. Average deposits per branch of a scheduled bank rose from Rs. Commensurate with the increase in deposits there was an expansion of bank credit which shot up essay for me discount code Rs.

A distinguishing feature of these advances was that industrial advances of scheduled banks increased appreciably from Rs. Another new feature of the bank credit was the decline in the seasonality of bank credit.

In the past, bank credit, in the busy season, used to go up by about Rs. This was no longer a constant phenomenon, thanks to the diversification of the economy and general stringency of credit. Similar institutions were set up by several banks to train and educate their own staff.

Despite this spectacular progress in several fields, the over all growth of banking facilities was still small when compared with other countries. For instance, even though the population per banking office came down to a little over 73, it was disproportionately large in comparison with 4, in Britain, 7, in U. What was more disturbing was that the coverage was not uniform. There was also a glaring disparity between the rural and urban areas in respect of banking facilities.

Coming to the functional aspects of commercial banking, the growth in deposits was due, to a large extent, to the rise in public expenditure and deficit-financing.

Significantly, the percentage of deposit money to total money-supply increased only marginally from This meant that there was considerable scope for developing the banking habit and the deposit potential of the country.

A far more disquieting aspect of credit expansion was that its distribution and direction were not in tune with the promotional objectives of the role of banking as a service industry in a modern welfare state. Deposits were largely used to provide credit facilities to the urban sector, much to the neglect of the backward regions. Population-wise data regarding deposits and advances for the year indicates that while the rural centres contributed 3.

Semi-urban areas, with population of 10, contributed Thus, far from supplementing the resources available for lending in rural areas, the operations of commercial banks resulted in a diversion of resources mobilised in the rural areas to summarize essay for me urban sector.

If the plantations are excluded, the share amounted to a more 0. On top of all this was the fact that, in the process of growth, the capital base of the banks had deteriorated. In the face of it, it is remarkable, though not surprising, that the ratio of profits before tax to paid-up capital and resource increased from Another disturbing aspect of banking development in the post-Independence period was the continued and increasing role of these institutions in furthering the concentration of economic power in a few vote for me persuasive essay.

Nigam in his study of 20 big banks, found that the directors of the Five-Big banks were, through common directorships, related to 33 insurance companies, 25 investment banks, 6 financial companies, 26 trading companies, 15 non-profit associations and manufacturing companies. These facts lend powerful support to the view that the emergence of monopolies in the country owes much to the control of banks and other financial institutions by a handful of families.

In when established firms in the industry began to tap the potential of the Internet, trading volumes crashed in what is now termed the Dot-Com bubble. In when it seemed that innovative technology and telecommunications companies would continuously improve business. This is all because of the high recruiting that goes. Investment Banking in Group Report 1. Who stood to benefit from its implosion? In Traditional western, the essay is a kind of self-study students, which has already been successfully applied for a long period.

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In the mean time, a number of cases related to fraud and cheating of banks and customers by unscrupulous persons have already been lodged in India with this type of banking facilities.

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Irrespective of that attempts have been made by the RBI and the banking authorities for promoting safety and soundness of online and e-banking facilities in the country by issuing necessary guidelines. In a recent survey conducted by the Online Banking Association, member institutions rated security as the most important issue of online banking. Thus there is a dual requirement to protect customers privacy and product against fraud.

Online Banking provides an overview of Internet Commerce and how one company can handle secure banking practices for its financial institution clients and their customers. Moreover, some basic information on the transmission of confidential data is presented in Security and Encryption on the web.

In this respect, PC Magazine Online also offers a primer as to how encryption works. Besides, a multi-layered security architecture comprising firewalls, filtering routers, encryption and digital certification ensures that customers account information is protected fully from un-authorised access in the following manner:.

In present times, Internet banking has no alternatives. Indian banking is gradually getting more and more access of Internet banking. Thus, Internet banking would drive us into an age of creative destruction due to non-physical exchange; complete transparency is also giving rise to perfectly electronic market place and customer supremacy. However, the above mentioned steps can be implemented by following four steps mentioned below:.

This will enable users to give suggestions for improvements, which can be incorporated in its later versions wherever possible. It is recorded as early as the 6th century BC that grain was a very big part of an average Athenian's diet. Therefore; much grain trade was necessary because Greece…. TeleCheck TeleCheck reports on your bank history. Though it has links with your credit history, it does not actually provide credit information.

It reports on your banking history so that companies and banks may see if you are a viable customer and if they should accept checks from you or allow you to open an account with them.

A person may have a reasonable credit rating, but a terrible banking record. The same is true in reverse, and…. System Evaluation Paper Banking has developed and continues to develop as the years go by. Traditionally a customer would walk into a branch if there were any essay for me review of transaction to be made. Colleges and universities can load you with the tons of essays, and sometimes it is hard to understand where to start from.

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