Essays on college education

Pro 8 The children of college graduates are healthier and more prepared for school. A Lancet medical journal study from to showed college graduates had lower infant mortality rates than high school graduates.

Pro 9 College graduates are more productive as members of society. Henry Bienan, PhD, President Emeritus of Northwestern University, argues that a college education results in "greater productivity, lower crime, better health, [and] better citizenship for more educated people.

Pro 10 College graduates attract higher-paying employers to their communities. Pro 11 Learning is always worthwhile. According to Rebecca Mead, staff writer for The New Yorker essays on college education, college teaches students "to nurture critical thought; to expose individuals to the signal accomplishments of humankind; to develop in them an ability not just to listen actively but to respond intelligently.

Fitzgerald, MA, Visiting Professor at Eastern Nazarene College, argues, "The value of a liberal arts college education --to you, to employers-- is that you've spent four years in a place where you were forced to consider new ideas, to meet new people, to ask new questions, and to learn to think, to socialize, to imagine.

If you graduate, you will get a degree, but if you are not a very different person from who are you are today, then college failed. Pro 12 College allows students to explore career options. Colleges offer career services, internships, job shadowing, job fairs, and volunteer opportunities in addition to a wide variety of courses that may provide a career direction. Pro 13 People who do not go to college are more likely to dissertation proposal uk unemployed and, therefore, place undue financial strain on society, making a college degree worth it to taxpayers.

Pro 14 Colleges provide networking value. Internships offered through colleges often lead to mentors or useful contacts within a student's preferred field. Many colleges offer social media workshops, networking tips, career-related consultation, and alumni networks. Pro 15 College education has a high return as an investment. Return on investment ROI is calculated by dividing the gain from an investment here the money earned as a result of a college degree by the cost of the investment the money spent on a college degree.

The financial burden alone can seem over-whelming to some. But let us consider what the total cost of living and attending a four year private institution are. These are statistics calculated for the calendar year.

No newer statistics were available. With these statistics in mind we can then determine the financial model we must follow. Essays on college education model will determine what the total yearly outlay a family of four must shoulder in order to send a person to RIT. The Financial Burden First and foremost a family has to live. The Census data indicates that the minimum a family must earn is "a poverty level income. I am assuming that one spouse will be working to cover the living expenses.

So, I am excluding medical and dental costs. These costs are partially or fully covered by an employer. In the event they are not let us include them in the poverty scenario, which basically means the family must pay the costs. If you increase that number by 4.

College essay examples on education

This cost has to be covered by Financial Aid. If this cost cannot be covered by the available system, the student will not be able to pursue a standard four year degree at RIT. Essay on college education Will Strain It's going to be tougher to pay for college inand that's going to widen the gap in enrollment between rich and poor students that the nation has struggled three decades to close. Average tuition at four-year colleges will increase 6 percent this school year, double the rate of inflation.

But family income isn't keeping pace; "after adjusting for inflation, the average family has gained hardly any ground in the s," says the Department of Labor. As a result, says the Department of Education,"sending a student to a private college in without any grants or loans will require more than a third of a typical family's income and nearly two thirds of the income of a working-poor family.

The federal government supplies 75 percent of student aid. But the value of federal grants has eroded sharply, covering only 10 percent of tuition today, compared with 20 percent a decade ago.

Also at risk: a new federal program that helps less affluent students by permitting them to repay federal loans over a longer period if their incomes' after graduation are modest Kantrowitz. Not surprisingly, the American Masters dissertation services methodology on Education an organization of colleges and universities, recently reported that fewer colleges than in the early 's report enrollment increases among black and Hispanic students, who are generally less able to pay for college.

Once in school, more and more students must work to pay their tuition bills. At least 40 percent of full-time undergraduate students are earning while they learn, says the ACE. The prognosis isn't encouraging. Well, that's a lot of important statistical information. Enough I think that most people would like to throw this paper out and forget the whole idea of returning to school.

But not so fast, there is a light at the end of this tunnel! The financial aid office at the school you plan to attend is the best place to begin your search for free information.

The financial aid administrator can tell you about student aid available from the federal government, your state government, the school itself, and other sources.

You can also find free information about student aid in the reference section of your local library usually listed under "student aid" or "financial aid". Unique words percentage: 0. A sentence or a clause, phrase starts by: Pronoun: 4. Performance on sentences: How many sentences: Sentence Length is relatively short. Sentence length SD: Sentences with negative sentiment : 1.

Sentences with neutral sentiment: 9. Coherence and Cohesion: Essay topic to essay body coherence: 0. VIP users will receive further evaluations by advanced module of e-grader and human graders.

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Essays on college education

Essays on equality of opportunity and the access to higher education Author s Diez-Amigo, Sandro. Download Full printable version 8. Other Contributors Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Department college essay examples on education Economics.

Terms of use M. They may be viewed from this source for any purpose, but reproduction or distribution in any format is prohibited without written permission. See provided URL for inquiries about permission. In the early twentieth century, the United States led the high school movement that would equip people to work with the high technology of the day: electricity, chemicals, locomotion, and medicine. High schools were locally founded and supported, and states imposed few regulations or requirements on performance.

The momentum of this quantitative expansion led to widespread high school completion after World War II and the beginnings of mass higher education in the s and s. But growth in education levels of the U. As high school graduation became more common and more working adults and students from low-income families sought college degrees, the cost of college became a major obstacle to student success. Beginning in the s, the federal government began to address this problem through essay on college education student aid grants and loans, but managing the costs of providing postsecondary education to a large fraction of the population continues to be a national challenge.

As more students aspired to postsecondary education, it became apparent that too many high school graduates were arriving at college ill-prepared by their earlier education, with as many as half being assigned to some form of remedial instruction.

Colleges and universities have proved to be highly varied in their capacity to meet effectively the needs of underprepared students. Real educational success for the much larger numbers and greater diversity of students now pursuing higher education requires careful attention to educational quality and the student experience.

There are compelling reasons for our nation to face up to the challenge of improved educational quality, at the precollege and college level. In simple economic terms, the earnings advantage gained by college graduates over those with less education remains high compared with past eras. Increasing the number of low-income and minority students with a college education will both expand the economy and reduce economic inequality. Beyond the economic gains for individuals, economists have found that communities with higher education levels benefit from the greater ability of people with more education to work together and communicate well.

A college education is about far more than getting a job; but even focusing on employment outcomes, building a career in the Internet age is less about landing and holding a job than it is about acquiring the flexibility, problem-solving ability, and capacity for nonroutine work demanded by a rapidly evolving economy.

The clear message is that efforts to narrow education to specific occupational preparation are counterproductive.An increase in education is the reason we have been able to progress in such an accelerated way.

The value of a college education lies in its ability to allow individuals to grow academically, by expanding their knowledge of various subjects, and socially, by being exposed to many different characters and beliefs. These skills ensure that they will have a better future because they will be advancing faster than those who chose other paths. A four year college education, although not for everyone.

College has such a tremendous value that employers will drop their mouths in awe of your internship and piece of paper, that you call your degree. They see hundreds of resumes just like yours a year, but you're you, so diversification is not required to stay competitive.

I am responsible for handling the front desk operations. I receive all the tolerance essay calls for the administrative office. What contributions might you make to our campus community outside of academic achievement?

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Plus: This type of direct question offers students a chance to reveal something about themselves other than grades and test scores. Danger: The open-ended nature of these questions can lead to an essay that's all over the place. Some institutions ask for an essay about a student's choice of a college or career. Plus: This type of question provides a focus for the essay; that is, why the student chose this particular college or path - and the answer to that will hopefully be clear.

Danger: Any factual errors in the essay will reveal that the student really hasn't thought deeply about the choice. An upside to this type of question is that while working on the essay, the student might realize that the college is not a good match - and it's better to know that sooner than later. Example: "Sharing intellectual interests is an important aspect of university life.

People who complete their college education can be spotted out from a group instantly. Such people appear more poised and confident in every aspect of their lives. I believe that people who complete their college education are the ones who are most responsible in making a society a better place to live in.

If everyone in a society gets a college education, the society can be improved tenfold because of the values and the traditions that a person learns essays on college education college. A college education can teach a person about his or her moral obligations and helps the people to realize what it is that is missing from their lives.

It has also been noted that people who have had a college education are generally happier in life and that they appear more sophisticated and enlightened.

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Essay on college education

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