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The model suggests that unions will be more likely to cooperate internationally if they are substitutes in production and if the reservation wage is low. The second chapter looks at how multinational enterprises MNEs can affect wages and unemployment. While the increase in international firm mobility has been well documented, its effects on macroeconomic aggregates and in the dissertation francaise market are still controversial.

MNEs benefit from an international outside option during wage bargaining, leading to a decrease in average wages. However, a strategic incentive to hire extra workers in a foreign home plant in order to reduce wages in the home foreign plant has an indirect positive effect on wages due to spillovers resulting from an increased demand for labour.

In a framework of frictional unemployment, permitting MNEs leads to a decrease in unemployment. Finally, in the third section, Western European labour markets are dissertation on globalisation and labour market through the prism of labour migration. One lecture and one tutorial per week. Total: hours.

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Start your application. Highlights include: Critical and historical approaches to globalisation and their relationship to neoliberalism, imperialism and US global hegemony. Contemporary globalising processes - capital flows, state-market relations, transnational corporations, global commodity chains, inequality and poverty on a global scale. Transformation of work in the age of globalisation - new types of work, informalisation and precarisation, labour migration, agrarian change and gender relations.

More than half of the working population is considered as a working poor in Sub-Saharan Africa according to this definition. In Rewarded with special incentives to attract foreign investors, EPZs have engaged in a broad range of activities such as tourist resorts, high-tech industries and financial services.

But most of the activity, being concentrated on textiles, clothing and electronics, is still low-tech and requires low-skill labor.

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Although these zones have created new employment opportunities, especially for young women that would otherwise work in the domestic sector or agriculture, it is not easy to figure out how much these jobs contributed to the net changes in employment.

What is more problematic is the difficulty of finding reliable data on the quality, cost and duration of jobs in EPZs. It should be noted that these zones also led to a decrease in the number of jobs in some countries, such as Mexico. There is moreover a high rate of turnover in the zones causing workers to stay usually no more than five years in their jobs ICFTU, In most of the countries, firms investing in EPZs are exempt from employment legislation and, moreover, national labor laws are not implied in most of the countries e.

Dominican Republic, Philippines and Mexico.

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For instance, six EPZs in Bangladesh are exempt from laws establishing freedom of association and the right to bargain collectively. EPZ workers in Kenya were not allowed to join trade unions until the year Union activity causes dismissal from jobs and in some cases violence towards workers in many EPZs.

It is further claimed that women are considered less likely to join a union since they are seen as more disciplined, careful and more obedient than men ICFTU, 9. The report asserts that women are often subject to various forms of discrimination that influence their day-to day work and career development. In some cases, they are forced to resign when reaching dissertation on factor analysis fourth month of pregnancy, or are not allowed to return to work after the child is born.

The pregnancy tests imposed by some employers in the maquilas of Mexico are a striking example of the serious discrimination suffered by women workers. In the factories located along the US border, women are often forced to show used sanitary towels to prove that they are not pregnant.

Pregnant workers are placed under such pressure that they are forced to resign, or are illegally dismissed. ICFTU, Commonly hired on short-term contracts - or with no contract at all - women work at high speed for low wages, in unhealthy conditions, and they are forced to put in long hours to earn enough just to get by. Most get no sick leave or maternity leave, few are enrolled in health schemes and almost none have savings for the future. The insecurity of these jobs is not only material: they work under threats of sexual harassment.

Traditionally, women are the care-givers in the home - raising children and caring for sick and elderly relatives. Women are still forced to play that role even when they have become cash-earners.

KHRC, Peledincluding children at the age ofmillions of woman employees work in factories, usually without occupational safety and health, for long hours, at low wages, often not paid on time, and migrant workers live in poor conditions and without humane treatment. Growing labor market flexibility and income insecurity has pushed more women into the labor force feminization.

Female unemployment rates are still higher than that of males. Nevertheless, we should note here that it is not the number of employed women that is of the highest act essay prompts, but their working environment, health and safety conditions and the extent to which labor rights are implied.

Growth of subcontracting, outsourcing, offshore production and EPZs has demanded more labor force, especially female. Unfortunately, women have no job security, they encounter terrible working conditions, disparities in wages and increased mobility. Wage inequality and poverty still remain as the norm in the era of globalization despite the high levels of output growth, international trade and investment.

Challenges dissertation on organizational climate to labour standards by globalisation III. The role of international economic law VII. Conclusion: References: I. Introduction: Globalisation has decisively transformed the nature and organisation in which work is performed nowadays, and it has also influenced its legal framework.

Labour law in the context of globalisation This section describes the process of globalisation briefly before presenting the challenges posed to labour standards by globalisation. Challenges posed to labour standards by globalisation Even if the process of globalisation can be regarded as desirable from the economic angle, the impact on labour structures can be regarded as detrimental.

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The meaning and function of International Labour Standards To understand the function of ILS it is important to comprehend its exact meaning. More about the weakness of unions in the UK in Ewing a. Seifert at Sign in to write a comment. Read the ebook. Politik - Internationale Politik - Thema: Int. Organisationen u. Sozialwissenschaften allgemein Arbeits- und Sozialstandards. Internationale Konventi At this very moment, regimes all over the world are targeting our colleagues, keeping them from pursuing their scientific objectives.

Toggle Navigation. Globalisation, migration and socio-economic change in contemporary Greece Processes of social incorporation of Balkan immigrants in Thessaloniki by Panos Arion Hatziprokopiou.To check the measurement model validity, the number of the indicator helps us.

For example, the factor loading latent variable should be greater than 0. Questions a CFA answers From my 20 question instrument, are the five factors clearly identifiable constructs as measured by the 4 questions that they are comprised of? Do my four survey questions accurately measure one factor? Key Terms: Theory: A systematic set of causal relationships that provide the comprehensive explanation of a phenomenon.

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Model: A specified set of dependent relationships that can be used to test the theory. Path analysis : Used to test structural equations. Path diagram: Shows the graphical representation of cause and effect relationships of the theory.

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Factor analysis is the statistic used to determine if any of the independent variables comprise common underlying dimensions called "factors. For example, your paper may hypothesize that there are two major factors that underlie mechanisms for coping with depression. One assumed factor could be locus of control internal versus external and another factor could be presence of pleasant events seeking them out versus withdrawing from them. Factor analysis is particularly helpful in developing and testing theories.

For example, your research may find that women use the two coping mechanisms hypothesized in your dissertation, while men in your sample use a totally different factor structure to cope with depression. One of the biggest uses, though, of factor analysis in dissertation and thesis research is the history of gender discrimination of objective tests for psychological measurement.

If your goal is to develop a new measure of personality, for instance, you may write a very large number of items to include on your personality instrument. This large instrument then is given to a random group of subjects. Once the data has been entered and a factor analysis has been run, individual items on the instrument may be added or deleted, depending on how they "group" together into factors.

This second instrument then is administered a dissertation on natural phonology stampe a different group of randomly-selected subjects. Your data collection and analysis would continue like this until you had an instrument with several items comprised of factors you believe represent the construct you are trying to measure.

In this example, that construct would be dissertation on library automation. Quantitative data, which is typical of scientific and technical research, and to some extent sociological and other disciplines, requires rigorous statistical analysis. By collecting and analysing quantitative data, you will be able to draw conclusions that can be generalised beyond the sample assuming that it is representative - which is one of the basic checks to carry out in your analysis to a wider population.

This can be a time consuming endeavour, as analysing qualitative data is an iterative process, sometimes even requiring the application hermeneutics.

It is important to note that the aim of research utilising a qualitative approach is not to generate statistically representative or valid findings, but to uncover deeper, transferable knowledge.

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Believing it does is a particularly common mistake in qualitative studies, where students often present a selection of quotes and believe this to be sufficient - it is not. Rather, you should thoroughly analyse all data which you intend to use to support or refute academic positions, demonstrating in all areas a complete engagement and critical perspective, especially with regard to potential biases and sources of error.

It is important that you acknowledge the dissertation on organizational climate as well as the strengths of your data, as this shows academic credibility. It can be difficult to represent large volumes of data in intelligible ways. In order to address this problem, consider all possible means of presenting what you have collected.

Charts, graphs, diagrams, quotes and formulae all provide unique advantages in certain situations. Tables are another excellent way of presenting data, whether qualitative or quantitative, in a succinct manner. The key thing to keep in mind is that you should always keep your reader in mind when you present your data - not yourself.

While a particular layout may be clear to you, ask yourself whether it will be equally clear to someone who is less familiar with your research. You may find your data analysis chapter becoming cluttered, yet feel yourself unwilling to cut down too heavily the data which you have spent such a long time collecting.


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