Bp case study oil spill

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British Petroleum (Bp) Case Study Essay

Add to Cart. Learning Objective This case has three primary learning objectives. Details Pub Date: Oct 18, These results are very important because they show that we can't assume that the marsh is healthy just because the plants are still alive. However, the fact that some plant life remained intact in these areas apparently was key to how the arthropods recovered. When the UH researchers sampled the same areas a year later, all three groups appeared to have recovered, suggesting that arthropods affected by oil may recover if their host plants remain healthy.

Quantifying renewable resources BP has played a central role in creating a new way for reserves and resources of renewable energy to be assessed on a like-for-like basis with fossil fuels. Collaborating to address climate change Meeting the climate challenge requires efforts by all - governments, companies and consumers. Safety Safety is the foundation for everything we do at BP, which is why it continues to be our top priority.

Using technology to bp case study oil spill efficiency Our Brazilian biofuels business is spread across a number of geographically remote locations, which means that every day our team makes around trips, covering 45, kilometres. Walking the line to zero in Toledo During we completed a major maintenance and upgrade exercise at our Toledo refinery in the US.

Driving change in Brazil The World Health Organization estimates that fatalities from road traffic accidents in Brazil are double the rate experienced in the US. Responding to an oil spill in the North Sea Although our priority is to prevent oil spills and other releases, they can still happen.

Virtual reality prepares teams for real-life challenges Virtual reality is leading to real results as BP collaborates with Maersk Training to prepare our offshore drilling teams for challenges they face on the job.

Upholding labour rights in Oman We commissioned independent assessments of labour conditions in our contractor workforce in Oman, where we work with contractors that employ migrant workers. Assessing the risk of modern slavery at our UK retail stations We assessed the risk of modern slavery at the retail stations we own and operate in the UK.

Bp oil spill case study

Working with construction contractors on labour rights in Georgia Our South Caucasus Pipeline Expansion project will transport gas from Azerbaijan to markets in Europe.

Supporting our joint venture partner in assessing human rights risks in Saudi Arabia One of our joint ventures is setting up a plant that will blend Castrol lubricants. Responding to human rights concerns at sea Dissertation subject chartered a vessel to carry two cargos of equipment to a drilling rig in the North Sea in Labour rights audits in our Malaysian supply chain We piloted labour rights audits in our supply chain as part of qualifying selected potential suppliers in Malaysia in Society We make a significant contribution to societies around the world, providing heat and light for homes, fuel to get people to their destinations and power for industry.

Supporting conservation in Chicago BP has a longstanding relationship with the US city of Chicago, with links that stretch back more than a century. The cleanup of the water involved detoxification of the water using chemicals that would help in leaking the carbonic toxicants of oil Gelsi, para The British Petroleum Company launched the oil containment project.

This response project entailed the deployment of containment boom to wide areas. The purpose of the project was to prevent the spilt oil from mashing into the sensitive areas or corralling the oil.

The booms were to extend into the deep water horizons. The amount of booms was extended as the exercise progressed. The boom needed experienced operators who would ensure that the right amount of booms was being discharged. It emerged that the people who were used in conducting this exercise had less expertize and experience that hindered them from effectively discharging the duty Sidlow, p. The dispersion of oils dispersants in the sea was launched.

The objective of this exercise was to detoxify the water by deactivating the lethal components of oil in the water. The de-toxicants would help in dispersing the chemical pollutants in the ocean thereby minimizing their effects.

These dispersal chemicals contained 2-butoxyethanol, propylene glycol and dicotyl Sodium sulfosuccinate. All these elements have chemicals with side effects on the people who get exposed to them while they are still in their active forms. They also have long term effects resulting from exposure to them such as causing cancer Sidlow, p. AC Hercules was also used in spreading the dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico bp oil spill case study had high deposits of the leaked oil.

This was somehow successful, but because of the toxic chemicals that were used in the exercise, the project was termed as unsatisfactorily.

British Petroleum (Bp) Case Study Essay - Words - Bartleby

The efforts to clean-up the water are still ongoing, and they are expected to continue for a longer time Sidlow, p. Several lessons were learnt by the company regarding this response. Fist is that the organization must have a detailed plan for pipeline leaks. Therefore, the organization should have clearly outlined procedures including training of the response staffs and equipping these staffs with the required equipment.

The emergency or disaster preparedness plans must always be active BTC Project, para. The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was an accident that resulted from an exploration mission of BP and other companies. BP had a lot of shares in this mission. The accident occurred resulting in oil leaks under the ocean. Two major responses were critical in averting the effects of the oil spill. This was the stoppage of the spill and the cleaning up of the water.

All these responses needed a lot of technical expertise approach with systems engineering being the major driver of the responses. Both short and long-term response programs were used with each having its success pints and flaws. The company had to derive a lot of preparedness lessons from this disaster. Amina, Khan. Gulf oil spill: Effects of dispersants remain a mystery. Cullen, Elaine.

Bp case study oil spill

Hagerty, Curry L. Landau, Elaine. Oil Spill! Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Minneapolis, MN: Millbrook Press, Mason, Rowena. Stephen, Power, Bp oil spill case study Exploration and Production Inc. In the spill scenarios detailed in the Deepwater Horizon Plan, fish, marine mammals BP Case Analysis 1. Based on the history of the company, why did BP get involved in so much questionable conduct?

BP's history extends back to when William D'Arcy's Anglo-Persian Oil Company first drilled for oil in Persia and after seven years of drilling and darcy's nearly spent his net worth finally oil spewed out and became rich. Unfortunately later at BP was on the verge of bankruptcy due to the very low demand of oil in global market.

Accordingly ,BP's Board strategy focused for decades on selling and making profits by expanding and increasing their market shares and they have neglected BP responsibilities with respect to human and environmental resources in their Mission statements and Corporate goals. Below is part of their new mission statement and underlined parts emphasize how BP have changed their way of thinking and realized how social responsibility and environment are important to their business especially after several disasters that occurred to them find phd thesis decade.

Mission statement: " BP wants to be recognized as a great company - college application successful and a force for progress. A report by the presidential committee is clear on the failure to anticipate a deepwater leakage. In my opinion, this oil spill could have been anticipated and response equipment put in readiness of response by BP. Instead of carefully analyzing the potential probability of a spill of each oil well, it conducted a blanket assessment.

This lack of specifics is erroneous because predisposing factors to a spillage are nnot equal and identical. The company had also overrated its response equipments ability to respond to a spillage atbarrels per day. Note that this was tenth fold of what was the average oil discharge per day that it could not handle. BP documents only give a list of equipment at the site and contains no specific details on how it would handle thebarrels leakage it claims capability.

In comparison to past hazardous material operation disasters, BP, government and other stakeholders responsible for a disaster failed in a number of ways. It is in regard to this that as an officer in command or one involved in emergency response of hazardous material operation, I would recommend a number changes.

From the above analysis, it is evident that both BP and the federal response operation failed in their emergency response planning. On its part, BP had their response plan full of loopholes leading to the lagged response. First, they lacked a detailed planning in place to combat such a crisis. In leading a team that is responsible for such an operation, I would institute the use of a Risk Assessment Matrix that interrogates the potential riskiness of a leakage against their probability and degree of occurrence.

Another recommendation in leading such a hazardous material operation is use of modern equipment and update of information constantly. There had been other major accidents Just a few years earlier to this accident, more notably the Texas refinery accident inthe Thunder Horse rig nearly sinking inand the major leak in the Prudhoe Bay pipeline in Alaska in In all these cases, independent studies showed that the incidents were avoidable, had the safety ultra at BP been higher.

Interestingly, BP had in place extensive personal safety procedures and rules, but not sufficient preprocessed safety bp oil spill case study. Question 3 How did BSP history and culture shape decision-making on the Departed Horizon British Petroleum, as it was formally known, had always operated as an arm of the British Empire, complete with government hierarchy and life employees, with most of its oil coming from middle-eastern countries.

With increasing trade and technological liberalizing, the middle-eastern countries set-up their own companies and BP was forced to leave. To make up a fraction of what it had lost, BP found two new sources of oil, albeit much in much riskier environments: Alaskan Prudhoe Bay and the North Sea. After taking over inJohn Browne pursued ever-cutting costs to increase profitability. BSP rivals were now playing catch-up. But many were not very good, and many were irrelevant.

This pattern of excessive cost-cutting, fast-results culture was seen over the entire gag of the Departed Horizon leading to the explosion. Even with observers and some partners alerting BP on the problems facing the rig, BP decides to ignore and ensure it got the rig to full operation and production, with little regard for the potential consequences of these actions. How did the political and regulatory environment affect decision-making by BP and its partners?

One was the fact that the Mineral Management Service was both a regulator and a ratter of sorts in the oil rig it received royalties and fees from leases. Words: - Pages: 6. Words: - Pages: 5. Essay Case Studies Department of Minerals Management Service MMSwhich collect royalties paid by companies to produce oil and gas from public lands through royalty in form. Words: - Pages: 9.

Bp oil spill crisis management case study

Crisis Essay their Extra Strengths Tylenol capsules. Popular Essays. This paper will focus on BP organization behavioral issues that caused the economic, environmental, and human losses.

The research. The oil spill not only stirred many controversies but also affected. After experiencing crises during the ss, the company started to have a cost cutting culture.

Introduction What are the damages wrought by oil spills? The answer appears painfully simple however it affirms itself through argument less than through visceral photographs: pelicans suffocating in oil, masterpieces of oil laden water, people like surgeons in gloves and masks cleaning the shorelines.

BP and the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill [10 Steps] Case Study Analysis & Solution

Alumina and BP Introduction Running a business does not come without the existence of liability risk and legal issues. The question posed is what are the liability risks that could lead to legal issues and how will such issues be handled. When legal issues are present in the business sector due to liability issues, more likely than not, others are affected both directly and indirectly by the situation.

How the situations are resolved depends upon those involved and the complaint. BP and Alumina…. Drawing on the Presidential Commission's investigation, as well as numerous journalistic accounts, the case provides a detailed description of the events leading up to this catastrophic accident. Readers examine the key decisions that BP and its partners made as they drilled this well. They discover the alternative choices that could have been made and learn about the disagreements that took place as well as those bp oil spill crisis management case study failed to surface.

Moreover, the case provides an opportunity to examine how BP's history and organizational culture shaped the way those decisions were made.

The case describes how Tony Hayward and his predecessor, John Browne, led the firm and shaped the culture during the past two decades. In addition, the case explains how the regulatory environment and political forces shaped decision-making in the oil industry. The case concludes by examining the aftermath of the accident, particularly the public relations miscues that BP experienced as it tried to manage the crisis.

Brushing up HBR fundamentals will provide a strong base for investigative reading. Often readers scan through the business case study without having a clear map in mind.

This leads to unstructured learning process resulting in missed details and at worse wrong conclusions. Reading up the HBR fundamentals helps in sketching out business case study analysis and solution roadmap even before you start reading the case study.